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tansii - welcome - bienvenue

to this interactive journey of dance meditations


the roots of this project were sparked by the phrase "all roads lead home" that came in passing during a heartfelt kitchen-table conversation.

it ignited a series of reflections about the journeys we take in life, the roads we grew up on, mysteriously familiar trails and the phrase as a zen buddhist koan.

the phrase was offered to a handful of writers/musicians and then their creations were translated into movement and film.

all artistic credits live here in the roots



"witness" offers a circle of five video tokens.

​there is no intentional place to begin or end.

you're invited to press play on all  films, in ANY order.  they can be received visual stories, aurally  as guided meditations or in any other of method you desire.

for optimal experience, a quiet space, good headphones, the highest possible playback quality (1080p) and full screen mode are suggested.



wander here to  "connect" after you've witnessed the video tokens.

this is a nest where you may offer your own thoughts, dreams, ideas and reflections on what you may have received.

if you're feeling inspired and wish to join the creation circle, please send along anything you've crafted that responds to "all roads lead home" as a prompt. as the vision emerges, a collaboration can be discussed.

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